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ØSep. 6, 2016  
NPR had quoted from Grant Newsham
Grant F. Newsham Senior Researcher of JFSS
ØJuly 13, 2016  
India and China's Maritime Silk Road (MSR) Initiative
Dr. Rupakjyoti Borah Researcher of JFSS
ØJune 10, 2016  
A U.S.-Japan-Taiwan Grand Bargain for the Senkakus
Robert D. Eldridge. Senior Researcher of JFSS
ØJune 2, 2016  
It Is Time for a Regional Network of Disaster Response Hubs
In Okinawa, community relations really matter, The Japan Times Online, 31 May, 2016
Robert D. Eldridge. Senior Researcher of JFSS
ØApril 14, 2016  
Not a Textbook Case: The True Nature of the Ongoing History Wars
Michael Yon Journalist
Jason Morgan participant from Univ. Wisconsin, Madison
ØApril 12, 2016  
The Paradigm that Supports the Korean Comfort Women Redress Movement
Chizuko T. Allen Associate Specialist, School of Pacific and Asian Studies, University of Hawaii
ØApril 5, 2016  
America and the Comfort Women Today
Yoshihisa Komori Sankei Shimbun Associate Correspondent Stationed in Washington, DC
ØAugust 21, 2015   Japanese
“A Correct Recognition of History” Shifting public anger to Japan works for survival of administrations of PRC and South Korea
Taro Yayama Political Columnist / Director of JFSS
ØAugust 21, 2015   Japanese
Security Laws Compromising Human Lives“Do not fire unless fired upon first even when Rescuing Hostages?”
General (Ret.) Yusuke Matsushima Ex-Commander of the Middle Army, JGSDF / Advisor to JFSS