Review of Lee Young-hoon, et al., eds., Han-Nichi Shuzokushugi to no Toso (My fight against anti-Japan tribalism)
(Tokyo: Bungei Shunju, 2020)


Senior Research Fellow/Associate Professor, Reitaku University Jason M. Morgan

In the July, 2020 issue of the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies Quarterly Report(vol.85), I reviewed one of the most remarkable books to be published in Japanese during that previous year. Anti-Japan Tribalism: The Root of the Korea-Japan Crisis, edited by Naksungdae Institute of Economic Research director and former Seoul National University economics professor Lee Young-hoon, was a landmark event in Japanese publishing. The original Korean-language version of Leeʼs book was a bestseller in his home country of South Korea, and the Japanese translation (also a runaway bestseller) provided a much-needed corrective to the waves of pathological anti-Japan delusion which has so unfortunately come to typify the Korean  (and American) academic left wing. I continue to hope that Anti-Japan Tribalism will be translated into English post haste. It is essential reading for anyone who wants a sober assessment of how and why so many in South Korea have been swayed by outrageous falsehoods presented in textbooks and in the media and popular culture as historical facts.