China’s Path to Regional,Global and Space Power Projection


Senior Fellow, International Assessment and Strategy Center, the U.S. Richard D. Fisher, Jr.

 At first I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Nagano and the JFSS for this generous invitation to address this very important and prestigious organization. In my near forty-year career, it has been my experience that the most decisive forces in conflict are not armies or navies, air forces or even space forces. The most decisive forces are ideas. Ideas: motivate people to vote, motivate their priorities, motivate them to make ultimate sacrifices for their countries. With that realization, I decided to work for research organizations or think tanks for most of my career and it is for this reason that I am very honored to be able to address this organization which is a leader in generating ideas for the defense of Japan.

China’s Strategic Goals
 What I hope to cover briefly in my address is to first identify Chinaʼs main strategic goals and then to explain the strategies and methods that China is employing which threaten Japan as well as peace in Asia. Basically, Chinese Communist Party has three major objectives that it is pursuing almost simultaneously. The first is to ensure the survival of Chinese Communist Party. The second is to achieve hegemony or over control in Asia, meaning the destruction of American-led alliance system. And then third, basically at the same time China is developing means to project power globally, as well as to project power into space to exert eventual control over the Earth-Moon System.

Militarily Dominating Japan
 China today is pursuing five strategies that threaten Japan. First strategy is to modernize in expand its military power so that it can dominate Japan. Fifteen years ago China introduced its first-generation mobile ICBM. Today it is about to deploy its second- generation mobile ICBM armed with multiple warhead and at the same time is developing strategic missile defenses and new means to conduct space warfare. Early medium range ballistic missiles are been supplemented by new intermediate range ballistic missiles and forth generation tank designs are going to be succeed by fifth generation tank designs. China has moved from forth to fifth generation jet fighters and from second generation to fifth generation bombers.